Top 10 Best Car Mats For Kia Seltos (Durable Floor Mats)

The compact floor design of the Kia Seltos raises questions about the suitability of floor mats, Since many floor mats are not fully compatible with this vehicle model, its different floor designs demand custom fitted floor mats, and that is the real challenge.

Car mats were earlier used to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle but now it is not just a matter of explaining floor mats as they often come with styling and are beautifully textured along with many other features that making them ideal floor mats.

As specially designed mats are made with the exact measurements of the particular vehicle, many manufacturers don’t bother for just one type of vehicle, the simple reason there are fewer potential buyers than universal type mats.

But finding out the custom fit car mats won’t be time wasting thing for Kia Seltos owners, as i have done the research for you and come up with sorted list of 10 Best Car Mats for Kia Seltos, which means you just have to choose from them according to your desire or needs.

As they are fully compatible with Seltos made from premium quality material and have all the required features which make them durable. So you don’t have to worry about the quality and fitment of the floor mat.

The Reason Why You Should Invest in Custom Fit Floor Mats

Custom fit floor mats are costly than the universal or other type of floor mats, as they are only made for one specific type of vehicle model. As well as, these type of mats are very durable and build with heavy duty Rubber or TPE materials.

Also, there are many types of features are includes with them such as:- rubberized nibs for stability, Velcro stripes to lock it in a place, soft cushioned upper layer for foot traction.

And they are 100% odorless and waterproof that makes them easy to clean as well. Specifically designed mats will give maximum protection from all kinds of spillage. These are all the reasons why you should invent in Custom fit floor mats over the universal one.

Comparison Table Of Kia Seltos Car Mats

Ranking No. Product Material Type Brand Name
1 SMARTLINER All Weather 2021-2023 Kia Seltos Floor Mats Rubber + TPE SMARTLINER
2 Cartist Odorless High Edge Floor Mats Carpet + Rubber Cartist
3 SMARTLINER 1st Row 2021-2023 Kia Seltos Car Mats TPE + Rubber SMARTLINER
4 Cartist TPE Waterproof Cargo Mats for Kia Seltos 2020-2023 (Only Fit Trunk with Subwoofer) Rubber Material Cartist
5 SMARTLINER All-Weather Floor Mats Compatible with Kia Seltos TPE Material SMARTLINER
6 T TGBROS Kia Seltos Cargo Mat in Upper Position (Fits Without Subwoofer) Rubber + TPE + Carpet T TGBROS
7 BDK Original Kia Seltos Weathertech Floor Mats – Best for Budget Rubber Material BDK
8 R5 AUTOMOTIVE 3D All-Weather Car Mats for 2021-2023 Kia Seltos Heavy Duty Rubber R5 AUTOMOTIVE
9 Sunsdrew Custom Fit for Floor Mats for Kia Seltos Guard Floor Carpet + Rubber Sunsdrew
10 Floor Mats Odorless Kia Seltos Weather Car Floor Mats for 2020-2022 Model Rubber + Plastic Motor Trend

Top 10 Best Kia Seltos Floor Mats

As there are many types of floor mats are available in the market that may let you buy spoiled for your Kia Seltos.

To reduce such kind of thing happening, i have already sorted out the 10 of the most compatible mats for Kia Seltos, which is also the top rated options in the market that you can easily choose the ideal one.

1. SMARTLINER All Weather 2021-2023 Kia Seltos Floor Mats – Best for Kia Seltos

SMARTLINER All Weather Kia Seltos Floor MatsYou can clearly see the very specific type of structure as it is made to fit on Kia Seltos only, that’s why manufacturers have made it in this structure.

This all-weather floor mats is made by Smartliner to protect carpet in all types of weather, even as it can tolerate high temperatures and snow without deformation.

Besides, it is made of Rubber and TPE material which indicates the durability of the product, as these materials are long lasting and flexible at the same time.Fully Fit Kia Seltos Mats

With them, you can easily get elegant designs for both the 1st row (driver’s side), and 2nd row (passenger’s seats) of your Kia Seltos. Also, it features deep linings on the surface to keep spillages, dirt and debris from getting to your vehicle’s floor, hence prevent from all kinds of spillage.

The mats has non-skid rubberized nibs that easily prohibits the mats from spilling and moving. Additionally, there are 2 Velcro stirpes includes with the mats which locks the floor mats in a place so that you don’t have to worry whenever you go off-road or bumpy paths.

At last, what i loved most about these mats is that they are specifically designed for Kia Seltos of 2021-2023 with odorless and 100% recyclable properties which makes them eco-friendly as well.

User’s reviews

The non-skid properties and custom fit designs makes it very ideal for Kia Seltos owners that more than 150+ people’s on gave it 4.7 stars rating out of 5; which shows it is truly a durable and useful floor mats.

Also the encouraging comments received by almost all the customers which is really a big thing to consider.

  • Provides very high value for money
  • Durable
  • Non-skid rubberized nibs
  • None

2. Cartist Odorless High Edge Floor Mats Compatible with 2020 2021 2022 2023 Kia Seltos

Cartist Odorless Floor Mats 2020-2022 Kia SeltosThese are the odorless floor mats comes from Cartist with non-toxic and 100% recyclable material are used that makes it ideal floor mats for your family.

One of the best thing to notice about the mats is that they have anti-skid bottom with rubberized nibs that makes them ultra-stable and make distraction free mats as they doesn’t come between the gas and brake pedal during drive.

The mats are also extremely flexible as they are made of heavy duty rubber material, and the much needed hardness comes with the help of TPE material.Easy To Clean Mats

As well as, there are deep horizontally aligned structures are available with the beautiful textures that increases overall beauty. Besides, they have grooves on the surface to ensure the your feet grip them comfortably as well as they collects the debris and spillage and high edges keep them inside.

User’s review

Features wise it satisfies all kinds of things as they are non-skid, waterproof, durable and flexible also, that is the reason for its 4.5 stars rating out of 5; which is given by many people’s on; which shows the usability and compatibility of the Kia Seltos floor mats.

These fits perfectly on the 2020-2023 Kia Seltos which is why you don’t need to trim it or adjust it to install.

  • Easy to clean
  • Beautifully designed
  • Pricey

3. SMARTLINER 1st Row 2021-2023 Kia Seltos Car Mats

Does Kia Seltos Has Custom Fit Floor Mats?

Yes, because of the unique floor structure, many brand or manufacturers have made custom fit floor mats for Kia Seltos as it is famous for a reason. This is the sorted list of specially designed floor mats so that you don’t have to worry about the fitment or the spill protection.

Is Kia Seltos Floor Mats Durable?

These floor mats are made from premium quality TPE, Rubber, Plastic and Carpet materials and the combination of these materials provides them much needed durability that can last for a long time, not only this they have given it flexibility as well.

Do these Kia Seltos Mats Protects in All-Weathers?

As i have mentioned above that it is made from heavy duty materials that has no effect of temperatures, that’s why these are called temperature-resistant mats which can provide protection in all-weathers such as:- winter, summer, rain and snow.

How Long Do Kia Seltos Mats Last?

The average life span of these mats are 2-4 years of time, as you may have more than that if you keep them with care and proper maintenance.

How Much Do Kia Seltos Car Mats Cost?

Costing is all about the material and features of the product, as these are made from heavy duty premium material which singularly has high costing and the mat comes with lots of features that makes them compatible with Kia Seltos that’s why these cost between $50-$200 dollars price range.

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