Can You Put Car Floor Mats In The Dryer? (Best Way To Do)

This is the real thing that, not all of the floor mats are eligible that you can put them in the dryer. It is all depends on the what type of floor mats you have.

To protect the floor carpet or vehicle’s floor you need the floor mats that keeps your vehicle neat and clean and protect your floor from many types of spoiling things like liquids, dust, mud and oily things.

But while giving protection it becomes wet or dirty, so you need to wash it or clean it; but again you don’t want to waste lots of time, you wanted to do it in a easy and short time period.

And the thing is you have to clean it or dry it with dryer, then you have come at the right place where you can easily know that:- can you put your type of floor mats in the dryer?

Know Your Mats Are Compatible With Dryer Or Not?

Can I Put Floor Mats In DryerThere are mainly 4 types of mats that are very popular among the car owners or usually these mats are used most of the time.

So i have explained in the form of list, for your better understanding.

Here’s you can know about the specifically designed floor mats which is fully compatible with Kia Stinger, Kia Telluride, Fiat Ducato & Fiat 500X.

Type of Floor Mats (Material Wise) Compatibility with Dryer
Rubber Floor Mats It is not compatible, because the excessive heat can deform it.
Carpeted Floor Mats Yes, but you have to be careful when you put it in a dryer.
Plastic Floor Mats Yes and No, because if you have hard or heavy duty plastic mats then this is ok, but don’t put the low quality floor mats for long time.
Vinyl Car Floor Mats Not they doesn’t compatible with dryer at all.

That’s the list where you will know that which type of mats are compatible with dryer.

My Thought

Putting floor mats in the dryer can save you the lots of time but usually it proves to be a bad idea to do the things like that.

If your floor mats is not compatible which is made of Rubber, Soft cushions or Soft plastic material then you can damage the floor mat by putting them on the dryer because of the rise in temperature it can deform or damage the mats.

And if you want to dry it in a fast, then reading this article of How to Dry Floor Mats Quick could be very helpful for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put car mats in the washing machine and dryer?

Yes you can wash few of the floor mats on the washing machine but they are not compatible with dryer at all.

How do you dry car mats in the winter?

Simply wipe off or soak the excessive water by the towel, just let them be on the sunlight for a while and that’s it, after 2-3 hours on sunlight it will be totally moisture free.

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