How Much Do Car Mats Cost (10 Types of Mats)

There are waste range of floor mats that some are the worth paying even the prices are high and some are just waste of time and hard money, so it become very important to know that How Much Do Car Mats Cost.

Costing of the floor mats depends upon the material of the floor mat or the brand and additional features of that type of floor mat. So that you can easily choose the one with the quality mats in budget, and here’s you’ll know the pricing table according to the material with brand names.

There are many different-different types of options are available that’s all depends on your requirements that what kind of protection you expect from the mats. Like: – if you want your car mats to provide coverage protection, then carpet floor mats, car mats and floor liners are the good options to go with.

Also, if you have the total protection that carry spilled water, mud and dust inside the mats and never let the liquids spilled on the floor carpet then the All-weather floor mats and heavy duty rubber floor mats can be a good choice.

And because of my previous purchases and research i got to know about the exact pricing range that worth paying for that particular type of product and that will be quite helpful for deciding the pricings of the mats.

You can also search for specifically designed floor mats for your vehicle, because these types of floor mats/liners are fully compatible and have the all features that ideal floor mats should have and that type of floor mats doesn’t come in ideal pricings that why here’s we have just research and find out the floor mats and liners for few of the vehicles such as: – Floor Mats for Kia Cadenza, Kia Stinger Floor Mats, Car Mats for Kia Telluride, Fiat Ducato Mats & Fiat 500X Floor Mats. so that you don’t have to waste your time by researching them in a budget.

Types of Materials With Real Pricings

Types of Materials with Pricing Tables

Types of Material Pieces Pricing Range (Min-Max Pricing)
Rubber Floor Mats 4 Pcs $30 – $50
Plastic Floor Mats 4 Pcs $40 – $80
Floor Liners 4 Pcs $50 – $150
All weather Floor Mats 4 Pcs – 5 Pcs $60 – $150
Rugged Ridge Floor Liners 4 Pcs $80 – $200
Weathertech Floor Mats 2 Pcs – 4 Pcs $40 – $75
Odorless floor mats 4 Pcs $30 – $50
Non-Slippery Mats with additional features of Velcro stripes and rubberized nibs backing 4 Pcs $70 – $120
Specifically Designed Custom Floor Mats/Liners 2 Pcs – 6 Pcs $65 – $210

These are the ideal pricings and if your floor mat provider demanding more than that pricing then don’t go with that floor mats, just find the same type of floor mat from different provider easily and compare the price to get more pricing benefits.

The Conclusion

Floor mats are the must have accessories for the car owners that keeps your car floor carpet from any type of messy things like: – from spilled water, mud, snow, dust and all kind of debris.

And by now you have also know the ideal pricing ranges so you can buy in between pricings and you’ll have the best floor mat in that price range.

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