What’s Difference Between Custom Floor Mats VS Universal Floor Mats?

Almost every car owner think of buying floor mats, because of their ability to keep the vehicle clean. But as it is an must needed accessories that’s why there are many options are available and that can easily confuse you.

Because you many times you may have heard like that: – this SMARTLINER floor mat is custom fit or this Husky Liner mats are universal.

What does that mean? And why they are different from each other.

That’s why here’s i will explain in terms of two types of mats which is: – Custom-Fit or Universal Fit floor mats, Let’s find out.

Custom Fit Floor Mats

Custom Fit Floor MatsUsually most of the people prefer custom fit floor mats over the universal one, because of the compatibility and fitting of the custom fit mats is matchless, they are specifically designed for a very particular type of vehicle, that’s why these types of mats have perfect fitting and the are full compatible with their vehicle model.

Custom fit floor mats are made of using the very precise measurements of the exact year and model of your vehicle, that is the real reason that most of the custom floor mats are durable and user friendly.

That means that every car is different from each other, and to ensure the mats fit perfectly they measure the particular vehicle by an experienced floor mat pattern architect, so the measurement will be Error free. They measure driver side, passenger side and rear floor or 3rd cargo row if it is available for that type of vehicle model.

Are you thinking that every year, when new car models come out the measurers will measure each and every specific type of model. Then here’s you are right, and they seek out the most popular selling car models first and then go down according to popularity of the vehicle in the market, and they do as many cars as possible.

There are many types of additional features comes with the custom floor mats:-

  1. They comes with rubberized nibs on the bottom of the floor mats which ensures the position of the floor mats in a place.
  2. Even if needed, they added in-build Velcro stripes that added the stability to the floor mats.
  3. Almost all of the custom floor mats are easy to clean and they have deep lining structures or textures that keeps the mud and other liquid material without spilling off.
  4. They also fill color according to the specific type of vehicle model color.
  5. At last, they make it fully fit floor mats so that the brake pedal, clutch or gas doesn’t come between the floor mats.

If you’re looking for some styling looking floor mats yet durable for long time, then the first choice should be finding the custom fit floor mats. But they are very difficult to find because not all the vehicle’s floor mats can easily available in the market that why here’s i have done the research and find out specifically designed floor mats for these cars:- – Best Kia Sportage Floor Mats, Kia Cadenza Floor Mats, Kia Stinger Floor Mats, Car Mats for Kia Telluride, Best Floor Mats For Fiat Ducato & Non-Slippery Fiat 500X Floor Mats.

Universal Fit Floor Mats

Universal Fit Floor MatsThis is also called budget friendly floor mats, because they doesn’t cost many, if you’re looking to save a few dollars then this is the best thing to go with. Because universal mats are made same for any kind of floor designs, that’s why manufacturer produced them in mass quantity. As they are trimmable, so that you can cut them with the scissors to fit into your vehicle’s floor easily.

These are usually made of heavy duty rubber material which provides protection of general area of your floor but they tend to have very protection as well. So you can go with these also, they are easy to install, remove and wash.

You can choose them according to their design, or structure wise you don’t have to worry about the their compatibility.


Universal floor mats can be a budget friendly and cheap option but every car owner should seriously consider a set of custom floor mats, because they are way better than the universal floor mats in terms of protection, keeping the carpet clean, also they are very stable and non-slippery.

Also, custom fit mats can drastically improve the appearance of the vehicle interior because there are many types of color range or style type available to choose from.

But at-last, if you not wanted to invest some more dollars, or the custom mat is out of your budget then just go with the universal mats they can also protect your vehicle easily.

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Are floor mats universal?

Not all of them, there are two types of mats are available custom fit (which fits for only particular type of vehicle), and universal mats that are for generally all of the compatible vehicles.

What size floor mats do I need for my car?

Basically it all depends upon the size, structure or the your vehicle model and if you want to know exactly then you can know here’s what floor size of mats do i need?.

Are all car mats the same size?

No, there are many types of floor mats available with small, medium or large size floor mats so you can choose them according to your vehicle floor size.

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