How To Cut Car Floor Mats (Trimming)

To fit the floor mats perfectly sometime you have to trim them or need to cut somewhere to actually fix it into your vehicle’s floor.

And the reason can be anything that your specific vehicle’s floor mats are not available or the design that you have liked is that big for your floor interior.

But as we all know that, trimming is also the thing to actually do it in some manner because if you go wild cutting then it can be very harmful for the durability and reliability of your floor mats.

That can destroy the design or the purpose of the floor mats that prevents your floor or carpets from mud, debris, water spilled on floor etc.

This is the thing which happened to me when i have bought a new floor mat for my vehicle, i have no choice but have to choose that one.

And luckily i have actually heard it from my friends that you should not cut or trim just as you wanted, there are some trick or technique to do that.

Here’s the thing which i have show you to perfectly trim or cut your floor mats without harming its durability and reliability.

How To Trim It Perfectly

By knowing this thing you can say that it is very simple thing to take care of but yeah at the end it will actually differentiates your floor mats from garbage.

That you can do it by yourself with the help of some things like: –

  • Sharp Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear tape
  • Paint

Sharp Scissors

Cut Car Floor MatsThis is very obvious thing to cut or trim you have to have a sharp scissors that can easily cut it with finishing, because you don’t want to make it less durable.

Just mark the floor mats from where you want to cut it and then slowly trim it accordingly.

Take care of the heavy line if you cut it then the water, debris go out from there, so keep this thing in mind.

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Gun For Trimming Floor MatsIf you know or don’t but in most of the floor mats there are not one layer of material one by one like: – outer layer is made of soft silicone material or soft cushion type that makes your feet relax or nice.

The inner layers are usually made of tough or heavy duty rubber, carpet and plastic that prevents your floor mats from soaking the water, coffee.

Which basically means it makes your floor mats safe from bad odour because if it doesn’t sock the things in then it doesn’t smell badly.

So after cutting the design that fits your interior you have to stick the layers with help of Hot Glue Gun to stick them together again, that makes it as durable as before it was.

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Clear Tape

Tape For Floor MatsAfter covering/attaching the layers of the floor mats from glue gun, now you have to bind the clear tape all around the floor mats where you have glued.

By doing this you helps the hot glue to stick it in a specific design to not spilling all over.

Also it will make your floor mats more protective and don’t forget to wash your floor mats before using.


How To Trim Car Floor MatsThis is the final thing to do because if you have black coloured mats then it is ok to not paint it because it doesn’t looks odd after all.

But if your floor mats is different than the black then you have to colour it with the same colour so that it won’t look wild or messy thing.

That’s it just don’t touch it for a while and you’ll get perfectly fitting floor mats specifically for your floor interior.

Final Words

I have done this to my car floor mat which was not in perfectly aligned with the floor interior and slippery but after doing this thing.

All of the sudden it solves the problem of slippery thing and becomes specifically designed one for my vehicle.

Let me know if you have any questions and read these If you want to know which one is good for your vehicle Floor Liners or Floor Mats.

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