How to Dye Car Carpet Floor Mats (In 4 Simple Steps)

If you are concerned about the color or looking of the car carpet floor mats then dyeing can be very beneficial as it just totally change the looking of the carpet mat under the budget.

Usually it is very easy and simple thing to do, if you follow the steps properly. You can totally re-innovate the looking of the mats within couple of hours.

Changing the entire carpet floor is also an option to go with but color dye is the best as it is very cheap and effective way.

When i have to dye the floor of Kia Stinger, i just wander what to do, what is the best way, and how to actually do it, how much time it will take, which type of dye is best for my carpet and so on. And after watching videos, reading articles here and there, i have just wasted lots of time for just knowing how to do it.

After being frustrating by all the crooked answers, i come up with very simple steps, which helped me out and i will help yours as well. And you’ll know all the answers to the above listed questions and many more of them.

How to Dye Car Carpet Floor Mats (In 4 Simple Steps)

  1. Clean the Carpet First
  2. Prepare the Dye
  3. Working in the Dye
  4. Replace the Carpet

1. Clean the Carpet First:-

Clean the carpet completelyThat’s the very first thing to consider, because cleaning the floor mats actually make the dye stay for the long time. There are lots of dirt and stains your carpet gets over the time. It can be done by the professional carpet cleaners but that’s not necessary, you can easily clean it, get the stain remover and scrub out as much stains as possible.

Clean it twice or thrice if needed. Because the cleaner the carpet, the easier it will be to dye. Let it to dry completely before proceeding the next step.

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2. Prepare Dye

Prepare the dye for car carpetBefore anything else, The dye kits comes with the proper instruction, just read them carefully because that does depends on dye quality or company as well. Different dye has different consistency which is why it is mandatory to read it first before mixing water on it. And too much water can make for thin dye whereas too little can affect the carpet durability.

Then fill the perfectly mixed dye into a spray bottle. You can also use brushes or whatever you wanted to use, but the most comfortable and easiest to spray over the carpet is spray bottles.

If you’re removing the carpet then its ok just spray the paint and dye on the carpet area, but if you’re not removing it then you have to spray it carefully because you can spray it other than the carpet which basically spoil the beauty of the interior. So the solution is, just take a wider tape and put it for convenient spraying over the carpet.

3. Working in the Dye

Dye the car carpet easilyWe knows that spraying dye on the carpet will not soak completely into the fibers, so you have to scrub the dye with the help of the brushes so that it can properly sock the dye into it.

Just make sure that you have sprayed equally all over the carpet because, it can end up with dark or light spots somewhere on the carpet which even looks ugly. To avoid such thing you can use brush and cloth to soak or highlight it.

Also, you should use the gloves into the hands because spray can have on your hand. Just let it dry completely check in intervals.

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4. Remove the Carpet Smells

Remove Carpets Bad OdorSpraying on the carpet can be smelly thing if you notice any kind of smell, just it on the fresh air. And that’s it, it is ready for lovely drive.

This is just as simple as that, you don’t have to do any other useless thing to dye it. So don’t waste your money or time by doing all the other useless things to your carpet. Or by doing these won’t get bad smells off the carpet then just get the carpet Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator Spray.


If you have followed these 4 easy steps, then you’ll already know about the usefulness of these steps and i have kept them simple useful steps.

So, i hope you have got the same results that i got with these steps, and if you want to know anything about How to Dye Car Carpet Floor Mats, then you can tell us on comment section and i will make sure to answer it as soon as possible for me.

There are many questions i have answered that could be really helpful if you have these issues or queries in your mind:-

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does carpet dye take to dry?

The normal drying time after dye carpet is 1 to 3 days, there is water is available in dye paint that’s why it take such a long time to dry perfectly.

How long does dyed carpet last?

If it is applied with proper method then it can last up to 10 years or much longer than that.

Is carpet dye safe?

There are many types of dye available in the market, but most of them are safe for children and pets because the manufacturer knows, their customers uses these dye products on the home or cars, that’s why these make their dye without any kind of harmful or toxic chemicals.

Can I dye my carpet myself?

The basic purpose of the dye is to cover up the stains or ugly spots, which is why you can do by applying above listed 4 simple steps. And these are very easy to follow as well.

Will carpet dye cover stains?

Yes, proper application of dye can easily cover stains, even dye enhances the beauty and age of the carpet.

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