Floor Liner vs Floor Mat: Find Out Which Is Your Type?

So if you are thinking in terms of Floor Liner vs Floor Mat, which means you have decided that you don’t want other things like carpet floor mats like that.

Which basically means you have that clarity in your mind and you have to find out which suits you the most or complete the needs.

In my vehicle firstly i have carpeted floor but again i have to travel all around at least 7 hours outside for work.

Then the floor becomes very muddy and starts to sweat bad odour, that means i don’t have the proper protection and i have to spend countless hours of vacuuming, wiping, and cleaning the interior if i want to keep my floor spotless.

Around 5 months ago i just tired of doing these things, then i decided to find out: how can i keep my floor clean without wating hours on it.

Then i just found one thing that, i can keep it clean by covering my carpeted floor from Floor Liners or with Floor Mats.

And then i don’t want to waste my money and time to buy wrong thing then i just research and know more about both of them and found out the way to choose which one is best for me.

And by knowing/reading this you’ll also found out which suits you the most.

Floor Liner vs Floor Mat: Find Out By Comparing Them

  • Durability
  • Surface
  • Cost
  • Protectiveness
  • Weight of the Material
  • Easy To Clean


Floor LinersFloor liners are made of hard materials like plastic, hard rubber which makes them less flexible but durable for long period of time.

That can be good whose work is like rough and tough like truck drivers like that.

Besides, Floor Mats are made of rubberized materials with the soft surfaces, these are soft yet they are durable enough to consider them for long time; basically you can use it when you don’t want such type of hardness that Floor Liners provide.

Because of the hardness of the material floor liners meant to be more durable and rough as compared to soft rubberized floor mats.


Floor MatsIn terms of durability Floor Liners has some more strength and wins the title as durable liners, but as you want soft surface or smooth surface which provides you the smooth feeling whenever your feet touches the floor of your car then the choice is Floor Mats.

The surface of the Floor Liners are meant to be harsh or rough with hard textures like tyres, thick lining on them, but the floor mats usually meant to be more like a smooth surfaces like thin textures that matches the floor beautifully.


Floor liners touch to beatAccording to cost of the product both are them are almost same but there are slightly less priced mats are when you compared it to the Floor Liners because it has thick and heavy materials that makes it cost a bit higher than the Floor Mats.

Not very much of the difference between the as price but yeah it is, and at last you can go with both of them because of their slightly difference that doesn’t even matters as compared to your needs.


Easy To TrimThis is the real thing which makes the sense to differentiate between them and find out which one is more protective.

The texture of the floor mats is that it can carry a dust, it can soak a bit of water but it can’t be that protective as Floor Liners.

Because floor mats meant to be movable here and there they are not so tightly fitted thing on the entire vehicle. (make your floor mats non-movable)

Besides it, Floor Liners are like one thing that covers most of the surface of the floor and it comes with thick and rough textures which can easily carry mud, dust, sand even it can easily carry water or coffee type of liquids and prevent your floor from being messy or exhale bad odour.

Then if you want full protectiveness then the Floor Liners are clear thing to go with that.

Weight Of The Material

Non-slippery matsThe floor liners are made of hard plastic or hard rubberized material which densify the floor liners and it makes them heavy thing to have in the vehicle.

Floor Mats are made of rubberized materials that also can be heavy but usually they are more of the less heavier and more of the cushion type of material which makes you feel comfortable and feel soothing experience.

The thing is the Floor Liners are more heavier than the Mats.

Easy To Clean

Easy to cleanIn terms of cleaning them both are the same you just have to shake the dust off and also very easily cleanable.

But if you have soft cushioned floor mats then this is the reason that makes it more to take care of it and hard to clean them.

Because if they are made of soft cushioned then it can absorb the water or mud or after the period of time it will smells bad odours from it.

Then it becomes hard to clean them as we compared them to Floor Liners which is made of the Plastic material or Heavy Duty Rubberized materials which you can easily clean them by shaking them or throwing some water on them.

Also, you can clean the floor mats on the washing machine if you want it to clean and remove bad odour and make it really easy to clean as well.

At Last

With my experience i have tried both of them firstly i have tried the Floor Liner for Fiat Ducato which is meant to be Hard materialistic thing which suits my Ducato quite effectively.

But also, i prefer my Fiat 500X with the Floor Mats because i don’t want to be that type of hardness that floor liners provides i want soft cushioned or soft rubberized material which meant to be durable for long time as well it protects my floor easily.

In short, If i want hard textured material then the my choice is Floor Liners, but if i want soft feeling on the feet which feels good then the choice will be Floor Mats.

Then this is all depends the need that you have or what do you expect to achieve with these protective things.

I hope you have now got clear answer of your questions: which one to go with Floor Liners vs Floor Mats.

Or if you still have some doubt, queries to clear or questions then you can comment us to know.

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