How To Clean Trunk Carpet (Easy Steps)

Trunk Carpet is the most ignored area/space that every car owner just don’t clean or takes care as they only consider interior floor carpet clean but forget to clean the trunk carpet.

By result it starts to collect the stains or dust into the trunk area and overall it affects the health of yours as you store the grocery or luggage items in that area.

So if you’re reading this then you’ll have already wanted to know that how to clean trunk carpet so that’s ok to know as soon as possible.

And yeah in this article you’ll know some of the best or simplest way to clean trunk carpet and that can be done with the couple of minutes.

How To Clean Trunk Carpet Area (In 3-Easy Steps)

This is the totally practical and easy to achieve method that i have been using this from past 2 years so that you can know that this is effective method which works to clean the trunk carpet.

By doing this you need vacuum cleaner, hard bristle brush, shampoo or dishwasher, backing soda and nothing at all.

  1. Vacuum the Trunk Carpet
  2. Remove the Stains or Dust of Trunk Carpet
  3. Dry It Completely
  4. Give it New Look

1. Vacuum the Trunk Carpet

Vacuum the Trunk CarpetBefore anything you need dust free and other spillage free trunk carpet and to achieve this you can simple shake them off or you can use much simpler thing by vacuum cleaner and do it two times so that there won’t be any debris left.

If you can remove the trunk carpet then it is the cleaning the trunk carpet can be really handy as you need to remove them and let them on the solution of water + detergent/dishwasher so that it will be really easy to clean at the end and almost all of the dust or stains will become mild by doing this simple thing.

2. Remove the Stains or Dust of Trunk Carpet

Remove the Stains or Dust of Trunk CarpetThis is the main thing that you need to know to clean the trunk carpet and give them totally stain free look again (just like the new one).

You need to spread the detergent and dish cleaner with some water and scrub it with hard bristle brush, just do it hardly with some intent and after one of two times you’ll have stainless thing again.

This is the ultimate thing you can do with your trunk carpet and if still there’s stains left then you need to do it one more time because there’s no other choice with that.

3. Dry it Completely

This is the final and very important step as i have noticed that most of the people doesn’t care about dry the trunk carpet completely and the result is they have smelly and bad odor smelly cargo interior so it is important that you need to let it for 1 day and after that clean them with the vacuum cleaner once again to soak the little bit moisture on it.

If you want to know how to clean trunk carpet in the video format then you can tell us by the help of comment section and i will definitely come up with video format soon.

4. Give it New Look

Give it New LookYou can use mat polish to give it the new or shiny look and you can find them on the easily but if you want some recommendation that i uses to give my vehicle’s trunk carpet then you can know me on comment for sure.

Final Words On How To Clean Trunk Carpet

That is the method that i used for past 2 years and i have great results with that and i hope you have achieved the same with the easy methods on how to clean trunk carpet, you can use this method on monthly bases to have cleaned trunk carpet for long-long time.

So that’s it from this article and i hope it helps you out.

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