How To Get Weathertech Mats Black Again (4 Easy Cleaning Tips)

I know that you’re love to keep the vehicle clean because you have WeatherTech floor mat that protects your original vehicle carpet underneath.

As well all know that the WeatherTech has very high reputation as they makes their floor mat with durable materials, that gave them very extended life.

The often comes with lots of different types of features that keeps them in place and protect from mud, snow and liquid spillage.

So, the thing is you have faded or pale WeatherTech floor mat, the reason could be anything as you haven’t wash them at the regular time interval or they are becoming too old. But the matter is you want your WeatherTech floor mat black again.

This is the serious problem that people have as faded floor mat looks very ugly and sometimes it won’t get in their natural color even if you have washed them with water, so what to do? how to get them black again?

After using WeatherTech mats for around past 2 years my floor mat also have faded with some pale colors that looks ugly and not eye soothing at all, then i found out a way to make WeatherTech mats Look New Again, and the exact thing i will share with you step-by-step.

Needed Things To Restore Its Original Look Again

  • Vacuum clean
  • Water hose
  • Sponge
  • Brush
  • WeatherTech Floor Mat Cleaner, detergent or dish washer
  • Soft towel or air dryer

These are all daily usage things you’ll find it in your home except from WeatherTech floor mat cleaner, as if you don’t want to use mild detergent or dish washer then you have to bring the mat cleaner and that is the best thing to go with.

How To Clean Weathertech Mats & Make Them Black Again

  • Remove the mats
  • Shake them off
  • Use floor mat cleaner
  • Scrub the floor mat
  • Rinse and Dry floor mat
  • Give it Brand New Look
  • Install them

1. Remove the Mats

Remove The WeatherTech MatsThis is the thing why we have to place mats upon the vehicle carpet, as vehicle carpets are very difficult to remove and washing them is also very time consuming. That’s why remove them as they are easy do, and then the washing part will be much easy to be done.

As you can freely let them under the hose or scrub them with brushes and clean them properly.

2. Shake Them Off

This is the first thing to do, as shaking them or jerking them clears the mud or dust particles so that there will be less amount of debris and mud remains.

3. Use Floor Mat Cleaner

WeatherTech Floor Mats CleanerAfter shaking the dust off from WeatherTech floor mat, you have to spray floor mat cleaner and then leave it for a few minutes or more, by doing this it will lightens stains and softens the solid mud and liquid spillages.

You can use your favourite spray or detergent if you want, i would prefer to clean them with WeatherTech floor mat cleaner, which is specifically build to clean such type of floor mats and believe it they works awesome.

Just rub them or cover whole floor mat and make and rub let them for a while simply.

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4. Scrub the floor mat

Scrub the WeatherTech Floor MatsUse a brush and scrub the floor mat as many times as you feel like to do, as it is seen that most of the outer layers with curly ends tend to have sticky stains or strong mud particles so pay more attention to it, and simply do that as many times as you have to do to get rid of all the dirt and stain clearly.

Usually two-to-three times is enough to do as it will remove all kinds of dirt and you’ll definitely get spotless WeatherTech again.

5. Rinse and Dry Floor Mat

Rinse with WaterSimply rinse the floor mat with hose or whatever you want like pressure washing or bathtub as well, the purpose is to clean the mat with water and remove all the mat cleaner or detergent from its surface.

Just do as you washes dish, fill it with water, dip them under it or scrub brushes to remove the detergent from edges and deep lining structures.

Make sure to clean them properly and the detergent or spray is totally removed from it, you can repeat it for 2-3 times if something is remaining.

Simply dry the WeatherTech floor mat with air-dryer or leave them in the sunlight after, wipe off with towel and let them to dry completely before use.

6. Give it Brand New Look

Polish the WeatherTech Floor MatsThis is the final step to give the WeatherTech black brand new look again, my personal favourite thing is; spray FloorMat Protector on your vehicle mat, as it is specially build to give the shining and brand new look as it polishes its surface and gives it that black look.

Or you can use sponge to spread the grease all over the mat, this is the thing which makes WeatherTech non-slippery and high end tough. Simply let them on sunlight or under the dryer for sometime so that the mat absorb it in totally.

So that’s it, now if you have followed the things properly then i am sure that you will get the desired result and you’ll get black and new looking WeatherTech mat again.

7. Install Them

Install WeatherTech Floor MatsThat’s it, just fix them properly in into the vehicle again and you’ll have that nice looking durable floor mat that protects your floor carpet from all kinds of spills such as:- liquid, snow, mud and dirt.

You can also check this article to know how to install the WeatherTech floor mat safely within the matter of minutes.

The Bottom Line

This is the full process with step-by-step guide that will lead you the black and spotless WeatherTech floor mat again, as good looking interior is always good to maintain the cleanliness and it also increases the value of car if you wanted to resale it.

These are the simple and easy steps to follow, that’s why you won’t have to spend money to buy new one again and again.

So that’s the end of this article and i am sure that you have now know that “How to Get WeatherTech Mats Black Again“, or if you still have question regarding to this, so you can tell us down below for more knowledge you can read the related articles also.

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