How To Remove Weathertech Mats Safely (In Minute)

The innovation of the floor mat have drastically lowers the cost and maintainance part of the vehicle, as they are very durable and comes up with varieties of features, that makes them stay in a place and the best part is they are very budget friendly.

WeatherTech floor mat manufacturer has highly protective mats which can protect your floor carpet from snow, mud, dirt, dust, debris and all kinds of liquids.

They always tries to innovate or add something that could be helpful for users, and enhances the experience and also the premium quality rubber material gave it flexibility so that they can be installed easily and they don’t tear off for long period of time.

Yes, as it is easy to install, the removal process is quite easy to follow as you have to follow 2 steps only to remove the WeatherTech mats securely (without any scratch or damages).

The purpose of removing them can be anything, that you want to wash or clean WeatherTech mats as they gets dirt on them or you wanted to change them with something new.

There are 4-types of WeatherTech mats are available one is simple mat with rubberized nibs and another comes with button clips as fastener type of mat, and the twist-lock fastener type of floor mats, and the last one has feature of Hooked fastener.

1. How to Get WeatherTech Mats Out (Common/Simple One)

Generally these are made to fit specific type of vehicle, as they are custom fit floor mats that fits snugly for the particular vehicle model. It has many benefits that, they have the highest level of protectiveness as well as they are easily to remove as well.

These are comes with rubberized nibs on the bottom side, anchors or Velcro stripes that makes them anti-slippery and fix them on place.

Loose them

Slide Hand Under The WeatherTechBy sliding you hand under the WeatherTech floor mat will makes them loose and you’ll know that where there are Velcro stripes is available or it has rubberized nibs only.

Pull Off

Pull WeatherTech Mats OffAfter knowing where’s the attachments are just remove them with your hand by slipping slowly, and you’ll successfully remove the contact completely.

Do this until, you hear the pop sound as these are comes with snugly fitment, so there’s most likely to hear the pop sound and that will be the sign of proper removed WeatherTech mat.

So that is the thing you have to apply with all of the WeatherTech mats in your vehicle and you’ll have removed mats for your purpose to proceed.

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2. How To Get Off Fastener Type of WeatherTech Mat With Button Clips

This is the bit different from the simple one, as it comes with button clips that fixes them on place with perfectly placed anchors.

Slide Hand Underneath

You have to slide you hand underneath the WeatherTech mats gently and keep sliding until you get close to the nearest button clip, then just lift up the mat lightly.

Get Off the Button Clip

Loose The Button OffNow, you have to use both of your hands to complete this process cleanly, put one hand underneath the floor mat and hold the button clip down in a place; and keep the another hand to lift the mat up for easily removing.

Don’t hesitate, slowly very slowly life them up and when you hear the popping sound that means you have successfully remove them without any kind of damage or even it will be scratch free.

3. Remove Twist-Lock WeatherTech Mat

The WeatherTech specially designed this type of mat with Twist-Lock feature that keeps them in place and they don’t be slippery, and yes they are very becoming very effective type of feature.

Rotate to Remove

The twist-lock floor mat will need to be rotate anti-clockwise to loosen the fastener, once you fully rotated them then just follow the same thing as the button clip.

Life the WeatherTech mat up and out of your vehicle with the help of your both hands.

4. Remove Hooked Fasteners WeatherTech Vehicle Mat

This is the last type of mat which is designed by the WeatherTech as they are ultra-protective and comes with hooked fasteners which keeps them in one place and never let them wonder here and there in the floor area.

1. Find the Hook

The first thing is to find out where’s the Hooked fastener is available, generally they are located on the side wall of the footwell, which means look them nearest to the seat and you’ll find one.

2. Remove the Hook Fastener

Likely to the Twist lock fasteners, here’s you will also have to use both of your hands, as from one hand you have to lift the floor mat up and other hand to move the mat closer to the seat to remove the hook shaped fastener from rope or any attachable thing.

When you unhooked them then just lift them up and that’s all about it.

The Conclusion

These are all about the removing the WeatherTech floor mat safely, as you have seen that there are 4 types of them so i have separates them so that you can easily know what type WeatherTech floor mat you have and what will the removal process of this mat will be.

That’s it from this article and i hope this article truly informed you about the effective removal process.

Now, if you still have questions regarding the same, feel free to ask them on the comment section and I will make sure to answer them as per my personal experience.

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