How To Install Car Floor Mats (Fitting with Perfection)

The fundamental of using floor mats that it provides the safety and prevents floor from being dirty or wet.

So that the floor mats will always be in a clean and fresh state, it doesn’t only protects your floor from damages also it lowers the maintenance cost of your vehicle like: – your cleaning and repairing cost will go down.

And that’s the actually floor mats do for your vehicle, but to take benefits of the floor mats you should have to take care of few things that seems to be not that important but always have the positive impact by doing such things.

Make sure that your floor mats fit your vehicle with perfection, that’s the real thing you have to take care of because if you have already bought a heavy duty floor mats for your vehicle but you didn’t fit it with perfection then this becomes the waste of your money.

Because from the loose fitting floor mats you can’t take full advantages of.

So, make sure you install them securely before anything else.

And this is the exact thing which we are going to talk in this post that; how to install the floor mats with perfection.

To make sure this methods are working or not, I have done this things first on kia stinger floors to see the results of them.

And after applying these steps I have finally know what is working and what doesn’t that you’ll know later on this post.

How To Install Car Floor Mats (Fitting with Perfection)

  • Take measurements (to know the fitting of your floor)
  • Choose very specific type of mats according to your floor design
  • Clean the floor
  • Install the floor mats with perfection

1. Take Measurements

Things Needed

  1. Scissors
  2. Tape
  3. Paper
  4. Pencil
  5. Measuring tape

Take proper measurements of vehicle's floorThis is the very first thing to decide and know what kind of floor mat will fit in your vehicle, or what is the design of your vehicle’s floor.

For knowing it, you have to measure the floor size by using a tape measure everything like: – measure the floor area end to end.

Also, measure for back seats so that you can have the clear thing that what kind of floor mats will be fit on both the front and rear part of your vehicle.

Don’t think that rear and front both are the same structured, both are designed differently that’s why you should have to measure specifically for both of them.

According to the measurements make the structure of the paper so that you have the design that will perfect for your floor structure.

If you’re finding and installing a new floor mats then, you’ll probably find these articles really helpful.

2. Choose Very Specific Type Of Mats According To Your Floor Design

How To Install Car Floor Mats With PerfectionNow you know the design, then you have to choose which type of floor mats you really need.

There are many types of floor mats are available like: – material wise you can have rubber floor mats, plastic floor mats, vinyl floor mats or soft cushioned floor mats.

So this is all depends upon your requirements or your desire and here’s i have listed some of the specifically designed floor mats for Kia Stinger, Kia Telluride, Fiat Ducato & Fiat 500X so that you don’t have to find for them at-least if you have these vehicles.

Also, there are multi-layered floor mats are available that have different-different types of multiple layers like: – bottom layer made of rubber, middle layer of hard plastic and the upper layer made of soft cushioned, so that you can have the all-in-one mats.How To Fit Floor Mats

Just make sure that the floor mats should have these features: – rubber nibs on the bottom of the mats or Velcro straps for additional stability, deep lining structures on the upper layer of mats to trap the liquids or dust etc.

3. Clean the Floor Before Installation

How To Perfectly Install Car Floor MatsThis thing is mandatory, because this can be a decider thing if you don’t clean the floor before installing new floor mats then mats may become slippery or movable, even they don’t stay in a place and becomes very difficult to adjust during the drives.

Simply clean the floor of the vehicle before installing the floor mats so that you don’t have to waste your time on adjusting the floor mats, and you’ll see you will easily install the floor mats.

If you’re floor carpet is wet then please dry it first because it can be the reason to pungent smells, and you’ll blame the floor mat is not odorless.

4. Install the Floor Mats with Perfection

How To Perfectly Clean and Install Floor MatsNow this step gonna be very easy if you have done the previous 3 steps, just place the floor mats according to the size and design, adjust them if needed.

If they’re specifically designed floor mats then you’ll see the hooks will come with the hole on the floor mats, just align the angles and fix the hook and that will be perfectly fit mats on a place.

Make sure it is placed securely in place before moving on the next car mat and repeat this things to the other mats also.

After fitting car mats, check the accelerator, brake and clutch are working without getting in the way, and adjust them to make sure that front floor mats do not interfere whenever you move your seats, and that’s it check these things for each type of floor mats and you’ll have fitting with perfection.


Fitting the floor mats becomes very easy, just follow some instructions and you’ll install them correctly, but the tough task is to get the perfectly compatible floor mats with correct size mats that totally aligned with your floor design.

And now you have already know how to find the specifically designed floor mats for your vehicles, so just follow the 1st and 2nd steps correctly and you’ll have yours.

By following these methods i have found fully compatible floor mats for kia stinger and by applying these things you’ll also found one for your vehicle.

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