How To Fit Diamond Car Mats (In 4 Easy Steps)

Installation of the floor mat is very crucial part as they decides that it will be protective, durable and distraction free or not.

Because if they are not installed perfectly then there will be gap remained between the original carpet and Dimond car mats then some part of the spillage can go direct on the carpet and hence it will successfully breach the protectiveness even when car mat is installed.

If you wonder how to fit Diamond car mats then this is the perfect article that will easily solve this queries for you. After reading that you’ll find out 4 easy steps to install diamond floor mats.

That is true that you can install diamond floor mats similar to the other mats, but their installing process not fully compatible with it, that’s why after the long research i have found these 4 easy steps in which you can easily install them without any kind of damage or scratches.

How To Install Diamond Car Mats – 4 Easy Steps

Diamond Floor MatsDiamond floor mats are very protective as they are made of high quality premium material that’s why they becomes very durable and the rubberized material provides them flexibility/elasticity so that you can easily install them without any kind of damage.

These types of mats are know for their luxurious looks and they enhances the interior beauty of your vehicle.

Even they have many features that makes them ideal mats with high level of protectiveness, as they have rubberized nibs for stability and velcro stripes that added even more stability, soft cushioned upper surface to give your foot traction and keep them in comfortable state.

  1. Clean original carpet
  2. Select Perfect Type of Diamond Floor Mats
  3. Fit Them According To Structure
  4. Check Control Pedals After Installation

1. Clean Original Carpet

Clean Original CarpetThis is the very first thing to be done as the factory-installed carpet have all kinds of messes like:- dirt, mud and liquid spillage and over the time it gets more and more, so even if you have installed the floor mats upon it you’ll notice the bad smells, and its not because of diamond car mats its from original carpet, so you have to clean them or wash them if needed.

You can wash them with detergent or just by pressure water washing and let them totally dry.

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2. Select Perfect Type of Diamond Floor Mats

Select Perfect Fit Diamond MatsSelection of the floor mats is very important for their long term usage, because when you’re selecting these you should confirm about their protectiveness, durability and material used to build this mats.

There are several things you should check before confirm purchasing:-

  • Material Used to build the floor mat
  • Rubberized nibs on the bottom of the floor mats to provide stability
  • Velcro stripes for keep them in place
  • Beautiful design to look nice on the vehicle’s floor

3. Fit them according to Structure

Fit Them According to StructureFinally, look the construction of the Diamond car mats and match it with the floor structure if they matches completely then its not so hard to install them, but if there’s not matching then you have to do some adjustments or just trim that extra part with the scissors.

But first, mark the area from where you have to cut it so that you won’t cut them wrong.

Just put them on the floor and fix them with the hooks and velcro stripes, that’s it and you’ll have properly install Diamond car floor mats in your vehicle.

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4. Check Control Pedals After Installation

Check Control PedalsThe last thing is to check the control pedals after installation so that you can know if there’s any problem with them.

Check by driving the vehicle and notice that floor mats are coming between the gas or brake pedals or not.

If there’s not coming between them then its great you have install them with perfection, but if they’re coming between then you have to check weather it is because of velcro stripes of you have to trim the part. Just do what need and that’s it for proper installation.

The Conclusion

That’s it from this article, and i am sure that from now you have know how to fit Diamond car mats with perfection, as these mats are made of high quality material which is flexible and durable as well; that’s why you have to install them with proper instructions and if you follow these 4 steps properly, then you’ll install them with ease.

So that’s all about the article and if you still have questions or you just want some more tips then you can comment us below to know more about them or solve your queries.

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