What Are Floor Mat Clips & How To Install Them

Floor mats clips are used to hold the floor mat in place, if you’re floor mat is quite slippery or doesn’t have non-skid rubberized nibs on the bottom side then you can easily turn it into the non-skid floor mat with the help of floor mat clips.

These are very budget friendly and even if you have premium quality floor mat then it is possible that it comes with the package, if not then you can go and get according to your floor mat as there are many types of them as an option.

These are made of plastic or rubberized material so that you don’t have to worry about the damages or tear out problem with your original carpets.

How To Install Floor Mat Clips

If you follow the instructions properly then the installation of car mat clips is quite simple thing to do, these are usually comes with the cutter so that you can cut it to hole and fit them perfectly (if you’re mat doesn’t have pre-installed grommets¬†pre-made holes on them)

1. Make a Hole

Make a HoleThe very first thing to do is make a hole on the car mat, just hole on the mat on 2-inches from both edges as these can perfectly balance the alignments and keeps it in place.

Even you doesn’t step there whenever you come into the car which means, it won’t be damage or break the clips and keeps the original carpet safe. Just make sure the anchors will meet the flat portion in that location that will be easy to apply clips.Installation of Mat Clips

If you’re floor mat has rubberized nibs on the selected position then you can cut it down the rubberized nibs on the particular location as flat surface will be much compatible to hole. Flip the mat upside down, make 2 holes with the help of hole cutter and that’s it.

You can use hammer to cut it through.

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2. Installation of Mat Clips

Fix Them on PlaceBefore installation please check if the original carpet is cleaned and it should not have dust or messes.

Put the cap through the hole and make sure the screw type goes through it perfectly, then screw the cap into the anchor snugly/tightly.

And the same process you can repeat for other corners of your floor mats to install the clips.Easy to Remove

If you have done with the other sides as well then it is totally ready to install, just place the car mat wherever you want it to positioned, then push the fastener down or you can tap with the hammer to fix them into the original carpet mat perfectly.

That’s it now you’ll have floor mat which is fully non-skid and from now it won’t be move all-around the space.

The Conclusion

Using a floor mat clips is the best thing to keep the floor mat in place, and these are the very effective and durable also, that’s why you don’t have to worry about the slipperiness again. If you want my opinion that what type of floor mat clip is good for mat then i would really recommend you the Eagle Klaw floor mat clips as these are build with high quality material as well as comes in low pricings that makes them ideal mat clips out there in market.

As well as, you can use them on all kinds for all kinds of floor mats are these are universal fit for all types of mats. At last, if you have any questions or doubt about the process then you can say to me by the comment section and i will make sure the solve or help you there.

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