How to Install Weathertech Car Floor Mats? (In 4 Simple Steps)

There is no doubt about the usefulness and safety that car floor mats provides, which is the first thing to consider after buying a car. As they are ultra-protective and also enhances the looks.

The weathertech floor mats are the type of mats which is usually made of rubber and plastic material which gives them hardness and flexibility at the same time, that makes them ultra-durable floor mats.

But you have to take special care for installation process, because if you make slightest of mistake when installing them then you can damage the carpet or interior of the car.

It is true for every type of floor mats but if you ask very specific about: How to Install Weathertech Car Floor Mats, then this article is just for you. Because in this article i will list 4 simple steps in which you can easily install the Weathertech floor mats without any kind of damage, and its not time consuming method at all.

Installation of Weathertech Car Floor Mats (Front, Rear & Cargo floor mats)

Here’s i will tech you how to install three types of Weathertech car mats Front, Rear & Cargo mats, as they are different from each other that’s why they need to be deal with different methods.

  • Front Weathertech Car Mats
  • Rear Weathertech Car Mats
  • Cargo Weathertech Car Mats

Front Weathertech Car Mats

Front WeatherTech Car MatsThese types of mats are very crucial and can distract you while driving if they are slippery so that you have to install them carefully as they should have to fit perfectly without coming between the brakes and gas pedals.

  1. In-dept Cleaning
  2. Select Perfect Type of Weathertech Mats
  3. Install Them (Instructions)
  4. Inspect Vehicle Control Pedal

1. In-dept Cleaning

In-Dept CleaningThe cleaning is very basic and first thing to do, because dirty or messy carpet doesn’t provide necessary surface to install the floor mat with perfect fitting. Yes, it does takes lots of time to clean the original carpet but this is the must to do things. And if you ignore that thing and go for installing the floor mat somehow, then it won’t fit perfectly as well as you have to adjust them and they can be very slippery.

So you can clean them with detergent or simple water, and then let it dry completely so that it won’t get bad odor within.

2. Select Perfect Type of Weathertech Mats

WeatherTech Type MatsBecause they are made by Weathertech that means it is very durable but you have to check if it fits for your vehicle or not, because at the end of the day the most important thing if fitting. Fitting is the actual thing that makes whole lot of different, that ensures the protection and durability of the product as well.

Just make sure the pattern or your floor structure and the floor mat design matches with each other completely or if they are not completely matching then get the very similar type of mat according to your vehicle’s floor design. If you’re not going for custom fit mats then look for trimmable floor mats that makes the floor mats trim-to-fit.

3. Install Them (Instructions)

Install Them With InstructionsFor installation you have to put them with the coordinated screw points, before screwing them in one place just check if brake, gas and clutch pedals are working properly or not, as they usually get in between the pedals and distracts while driving.

After checking them, just screw them in or stick them with Velcro stripes and that will be totally non-slippery after fixing them.

4. Inspect Vehicle Control Pedal

Inspect the vehicle control padelYes, we have already talked about it, so what’s the point: because these are very-very important thing to check because that can cause damage to your vehicle and yourself as well.

After installing them just drive your vehicle slowly and check and inspect the control pedals if they’re working well.

After confirming that’s it, you have installed Weathertech front car floor mat successfully.

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Rear Weathertech Car Mats

Rear WeatherTech MatsThese are the simplest row for installation of Weathertech car floor mats as they doesn’t have much things in between to take care for.

  1. Clean the carpet
  2. Adjust or Trim accordingly
  3. Installation

1. Clean the Carpet

That’s the thing that need to be done before installation of any kind of floor mats, by doing this you make sure the edge-to-edge fitting of the floor mats as well as the anti-movements.

2. Adjust or Trim accordingly

It is seen that Weathertech intentionally make floor mats a bit larger than the normal vehicle’s rear mats, as they are trimmable so that you can easily adjust them with just one pair of scissor. And you can make sure the perfect fit end-to-end it’s up-to you how much fitting do you want or you want movable mats on the rear side of your vehicle.

3. Installation

The installation is quite simple for rear area of car because there doesn’t have any kind of accessories (in most of the vehicles) but if you have luxurious vehicle then you need to them them even more to fit them and they are made of flexible rubber so you don’t have to worry about the damaging or breaking something while installing them.

Cargo Weathertech Car Mats

WeatherTech Cargo Car MatsThese are the mats for luggage protection that type of mats should be squishy as they should have soft upper layer so that it doesn’t harm luggage even when you drive on the off roads.

  1. Check the Trunk
  2. Measure area of Weathertech cargo mats
  3. Installation
  4. Check the Fitting and Softness of Mats

Check the Trunk

The availability and non-availability of the trunk matter for cargo mats as per fitting purpose, Even if you purchased non-trunk weathertech liner and your vehicle has trunk then it won’t fit even if you try hard. So this is the mandatory thing to check if you’re vehicle has trunk of not.

Measure area of Weathertech cargo mats

Many cargo has very few space and some cargo type vehicle comes with very large cargo area for their use but you need proper measurement of your car’s area and then see the product details that it fits for your vehicle or not. Also, the material of the cargo mats are very important, check it should have rubberized material because they tend to have more flexibility than the other type of material.

3. Installation

The installation is crucial part that decides the non-skid and flexibility of your cargo mats, you need to place it with car structure alignment so it can stay fit it for a long time without being slippery.

Even fitting perfectly makes them ultra-stable and in most of the mats there are rubberized nibs are available on the bottom of the mats which makes it truly non-slippery as well as provides valuable protection for your belongings and carpet.

4. Check the Fitting and Softness of the Mats

The cargo area is used to store the luggage and other things and that need to be in safe mode, without any kind of damage or harming. So please check the fitting after the installation and make sure that your weathertech cargo mats have soft cushioned surface layer to protect your things.

The Conclusion

So, that’s it from this article and i know if you’re reading till now then you must have learned the easiest way to Install Weathertech car floor mats, which you can do it in the matter of couple of minutes.

The Weathertech car mats are very durable and usually they comes with lots of features like:- anti-skid bottom with rubberized nibs, grooved surface with deep linings to keeps the dirt and mud within, the curly edges to prevent any kind of liquid from spill off on the original carpet and much more like that.

So that’s the end of guide and you can ask me a questions in the comment section below, if you have in mind.

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