The 6 Ways To Keep Car Floor Mats From Moving/Sliding

Slippery floor mats are very dangerous at worst cases and usually you can call it irritating.

Because of the slippery nature of the mats its become very tough to grip on brakes, accelerator and clutch, and we all know how important to keep this things in control during drive.

And that is possible when you don’t have slippery mats or movable floor mats, so that you can easily grip on it and stay in a place.

So its better to find out the way to keep car floor mats from moving in this post.

Earlier i have carpet floor mats in my Fiat 500X, and that are very slippery mats because of that; driving becomes very uncomfortable for me and that’s very bad thing to imagine.

Then i come to know these 6 ways that keeps car floor mats from sliding.

Solutions To Make Your Floor Mats Non-Slippery

  • Using Double Sided Floor Mats Tape
  • Using Floor Mat Anchors
  • Fix/Screw them in place
  • Put Velcro between the Floor Mats and Floor
  • Using Drapery Hooks
  • Buy High Quality Floor Mats

1. Using Double Sided Floor Mats Tape

Double Sided TapeYou can also say that double-sided carpet tape which is usually meant by it has adhesives on the both sides of it, which is why it becomes very sticky and usually used for carpet and floor mats installation.

You can easily stick these types of carpet tape to all-weather mats.

Just do this simple thing to apply the tape properly, because placement of the car floor mats plays important role to make it non-movable: whenever you apply the carpet tape, first place them in a horizontal stripes on the bottom of the car floor mats.

Basically, don’t try to be rough on the very day because it takes 2-3 hours to properly stick to the strong bond.

And you’ll get the non-movable, non-slippery mats for your vehicle.

2. Using Floor Mats Anchors

Anchors for matsThere are many types of “Anchors” are available in the market, but if your floor mat designed nicely then they have place to fix those anchors (or most of the time anchors will come with the floor mats).

If they don’t come with the floor mats, then you can have them additionally by purchasing them according to your lovable designs.

Anchors can easily make your floor mats non-slippery; they are very useful and effective for a reason.

Installing Process

  • If your floor mats doesn’t have holes, so just use a hole punch or hole cutter to make a few holes in the outer corners of the floor mats according the sizes of anchors you have bought.
  • Just place the anchors with tightness so that it stays in a place.

3. Fix/Screw them in place

Screw to keep from slidingThis method of screwing or fixing is also very familiar from above “Anchors” method, because here you have to fix it or screw it with nut and bolts.

And that even makes more stronger thing to do to make it truly non-movable floor mats.

And if you find out that after some time its screw loosen up them again tight it, that’s it no more accessories you have to buy again-and-again.

4. Put Velcro between the Floor Mats and Floor

Velcro for floor matsThis method of putting Velcro is also knows as Hook-And-Loop Fasteners” method. In that case you have to look for heavy-duty “Velcro Stripes” with strong adhesive backing on it, that makes it very easy to install.

Usually people takes 4 pieces of Velcro stripes but if you want you can take 5 Velcro stripes so that you can place 4 to the corners and one on the middle, and that actually gives the best feeling of non-movable mats.

Installing Process

  • To do it with some efficiency: Firstly, Mark where the Velcro pieces lined-up so that you can know where’s to place Velcro exactly.
  • After lining up with the Velcro tapes, press firmly so that they have strong bonding between them.

5. Using Drapery Hooks

Drapery hooks for floor matsUse “Drapery Hooks” these are also very similar with “Anchors” because instead of Anchors you now have to fix Drapery hooks.

Just make sure where the hooks are placed or mark where’s the right position is aligned with your vehicle’s floor design.

Installation Process

  • Just remove the floor mats and hold the Drapery Hooks and aligned with the seat, so the top of the U-shaped pin points towards the seat.
  • Push straight into the mark to make it fix; just point the end of the hook horizontally.
  • Repeat these same thing with the above steps.

6. Buy High Quality Floor Mats

High Quality Floor MatsIf you don’t want to do above listed all the things or you have done these things and doesn’t work in your case then: just buy a heavy-duty floor mats.

This is the simple thing that: you have to have a high quality floor mats and usually with some of the quality mats there are Anchors or Non-Slippery Stripes comes with them.

So that you don’t have to mess with the other things.

Also, the high quality floor mats has some thickness that can easily trap water, dust, mud and other things without being slippery.

And just shake them and you’ll have clean floor mats within a matter or seconds or you can wash your floor mats.

Last Words

This is the end of the post where i have explained how you can easily keep your car floor mats in a place.

And before i have carpet floor mats i have done 2nd and 3rd steps but later on i decided to go with the 6th step: which means i bought a new heavy duty floor mats which is extremely great for my Fiat 500X and Fiat Ducato.

So if you have to make it stay in a place you can do that simple things or if you have any questions related to this please let me know.

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