How To Dry Car Floor Mats – Simple but Effective Ways

Wet floor mats can be very smelly and irritating if you have to go for some important work but you want to dry it out quickly.

There are much simpler ways that gonna be very effective for a reason, and here’s you’ll know the tricks to dry car floor mats.

There are several ways that you got the floor mats wet like spilled water by mistake or you have forgot to close the mirror and rain starts.

This is the things which i have done with kia telluride floor mats which are like very difficult to remove then by just dry it off.

Because they are attached with the carpet of the car and the removing the floor mats from car is very time consuming.

The thing is you don’t have to waste lots of time by wating, putting mats on sunlight, or by dryer so the better thing is to know “How To Dry Car Floor Mats” in a fast way.

Quick Steps To Dry Car Floor Mats

  • Simply Shake it Off
  • Soak the water by Towel or Vacuum
  • Remove Stain or Bad Odour
  • Using Fans/Hair Dryer

Simply Shake it Off

How To Dry Car Floor Mats FastIf you have option to removing the floor mats, if yes then this becomes very handy thing to dry it out .

By shaking off properly you have done half of the job instantly because by just shaking mostly all the floor mats lost most of the water from it.

If you can’t remove the floor mats from your car that they are installed in a proper way like by glue or take all around of it then follow the below listed things.

Soak the Water by Towel or Vacuum

Soak the excessive amount of water by Towel or you can do it with Vacuum and just do this thing on non-removable floor mats because it have capability to make your floor mats dry in very less time.

Here’s the thing you can do with the soft cloth or cotton cloth because they have high tendency to sock the water and never let the soaked water out again.

Also if you want to go somewhere you can just soak it with cloth or vacuum and go with the opened mirrors so that the remaining moistures will evaporate by opening the car windows.

Remove Stain or Bad Odour

If you have spilled the other liquids like coffee or sticky liquids then this is the next thing after following 1st and 2nd steps: that you have to remove the stains or have to remove bad odour from it.

1. Use Detergent/Shampoo: –

On the damp area use detergent or shampoo that will remove the bacteria, stains and bad odours collectively.

Just pour the thing you have to use and scrub with the brush then rinse the floor mats from the water.

Again soak the water or moisture by using Towel and put as pressure as you want that will help on easy dry after it.

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2. Remove from Baking Soda: –

Baking soda is the good option by removing the bad odour and dry your wet floor mats easily, sprinkle some backing soda on the floor mats then kept it on the floor mats for a while then just wipe it out from the mats with the help of vacuum or cloth.

And then you’ll have totally odour free floor mats for your vehicle.

Using Fans/Hair Dryer

This is the final thing to get the fully dry floor mats in less time.

1. By using Fans: –

You can easily use the fans as many as you wanted to use, just keep the fans on for some minutes (make sure to keep them on a way that the air-flows can easily dry it out the moistures on it.

Keep the car doors or windows that will help you to get the job done as quickly as possible.

2. By Using Hair Dryer: –

If you don’t have the fans then the next option will be Hair-Dryer which can easily and quickly dry your floor mats but keep that in mind that it can take long time because the hair dryer can do it with the small surface at a time.

Bottom Line

That is the common problem which many of us faces in our daily-life activities that we have to go and have to dry the floor mats quickly.

So just follow the 1st and 4th steps to dry the car mats quickly, i also have done these things to dry the floor mats quickly.

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FAQ’s On How To Dry Car Floor Mats

How to dry car mats after washing

Soak the water by Towel or with Vacuum, after that you can have fast moving fans to dry the car mats after washing or just keep it on the sunlight that easy.

How to dry car mats in winter

During winter season this is the thing that most of the time it will be wet or at-least get some moistures on it, so just soak the water by Vacuum and dry it with dryer.

How to dry car mats fast

To dry car mats fast you have to keep them on the fans or dry it with vacuum simply by socking the excessive water and moisture by cloth.

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