How To Remove Armor All From Floor Mats (In 3 Steps)

After applying armor all you’ll get the shiny floor mats that enhances the looks and the beauty inside the vehicle’s interior.

Armor All are very useful thing but after applying it to the floor mats there are greasy residue leaves behind that’s why the removal of armor all is important or you can just remove the greasy part of the mat.

Not only this, Armor all has its smell which seem very unusual that’s why some of the people doesn’t like this kind of smell and that’s can also be the reason of removing armor all from floor mats.

So basically in this article you’ll know the 3 simple steps on how to remove Armor All from floor mats and these are very easy to follow steps as you can do it within the matter of an hour or less than that.

Reason of the smell and the remained greasy residue on the floor mat can be the consequences of bad applying of apply with the wrong method so you only need to apply the armor all with proper method for avoid such kind of smell or greasy part.

How To Remove Armor All From Floor Mats (In 4 Simple Steps)

Remove Armor All From Floor MatsThere are two types of methods i have been used to remove armor all from floor mats but one is lengthy and another one is very simple so here’s i have decided to list the simple method so that you can easily done it.

Material you Need:- Tub of water, vinegar, detergent/dish soap, cloth and dryer (optional).

Make Solution

Take half tub of water then add one teaspoon dish washer or detergent then you have to add the vinegar half cup and make it completely mixed by jerking or moving with spoon.


After preparing solution of vinegar, water and dish washer then you need to dip the floor mat totally on the bucket then after a 2-3 minute take the floor mat out and wipe it properly with cloth.

Make sure the cloth should be soft.

You need to follow this step again & again till all residue or greasy armor all removed form the floor mat, if the bucket is short than the floor mat then you can rinse the part of the mat with mug.

Finally Dry it

Dry The Floor Mat To Remove Armor All From Floor MatAfter wiping the floor mat from cloth you need to make it totally dry so here you can use the dryer or you can just let it dry on the sunlight or normally putting it alone, after completely dried mat just check if there’s any residue/armor all left or not; if there’s left then you need to repeat the cleaning process again and let it dry again.

In my experience i have noticed that it won’t take you more than 2 times so you can just chill it will be totally new and you’ll have floor mat without armor all.

Wrap Up On The How To Remove Armor All From Floor Mats

This is the proper method of how to remove Armor All from floor mats and this is something that actually works for me as well. The method is very easy and it has only 3 steps so that you don’t have to worry about understanding it.

After following this method properly you’ll get the newly look of the floor mat (without Armor All).

If you still want to know something else or want to suggest something then you’re welcome on the comment section below and i will be happy if you share your experience of doing this.

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