How To Get Gum Off Rubber Floor Mat (In 3 Easy Steps)

You can get into the situation many times that you have noticed that on your carpet or floor mat have gum stick to it, these can often happen if you have children or have family or you just realize you’ve stepped in gum and now it’s all over your vehicle’s rubber floor mats.

You have to remove the gum with the right method, not just take a spoon or scrap off without any kind of knowledge, and if you do so you can get into the trouble as it can be all over the floor mat or it can damage your floor mat totally, then you’ll have to get the new floor mat as an only option left.

So in this article you’ll know How to remove gum out of rubber floor mats? so that you don’t have to worry about damaging or ruin your floor mat.

In market there are numbers of techniques are available that tells you that you need to apply oil or spray it to remove, but it doesn’t helped me out and then in 3rd time i have found out this method that work like a charm and i hope it will work for your rubber floor mat also.

How to Remove Gum from Rubber Car Mats

  1. Freezing or Melting
  2. A quick Vacuum Treatment
  3. Simple Prevention to Avoid this Situation Again

Removal of the gum will be quite easy if you go with this method and you’ll have gum out of your mat within the matter of minutes.

1. Freezing or Melting (Which is Best)

Removing Gum by Freezing Vs MeltingI won’t recommend you the melting the gum by using a blow dryer or give excessive heat that melt the gum and when it becomes hot or melted enough, then you can remove it with damp cloth or paper, and believe me i have done it initially but it just didn’t work for me or i have seen that it even makes the mess out of it.

Thankfully i have only applied it on rubber car floor mat because i have all-weather mat which doesn’t affected by that heat and if i have done it with original carpet vehicle mat then definitely it will tear out it totally.

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Using Ice Cubes

Removing Gum Using Ice Cubes from Rubber Floor MatsYou can use the ice cubes to freeze it totally as it will be freeze like a strong rock and then you don’t have to worry about the tear or damaging the rubber mats.

The final thing is you can put it off by anything you want be it:- by hand, spoon, damp cloth or towel it’s totally up-to you, and that’s very effective method as i have successfully remove the gum out of rubber floor mats.

Using Freezer

Removing Gum From the Rubber Floor Mats by FreezerYou can use this method if 1st one is not that effective for your kind of car mat, the main purpose is to freeze the gum to remove them, not matter how you done it, it will work if it is in frozen state.

So you can keep the rubber floor mat in the freezer for a while and check after sometime.

Check the gum and use fork and scrape it off.

2. A quick Vacuum Treatment

Removing Gums on Rubber Mats by VacuumIt can be possible that tiny pieces may still on the carpet that’s why you have to suck the remaining particles and you can do it with vacuum cleaner or any other vacuum will work in that case.

Just do it two to three times so that it can suck the all of them cleanly, and you’ll have the newly looking rubber floor mat again without any kind of damage or color off.

3. Simple Prevention to Avoid this Situation Again

The very simple thing to avoid such kind of situation again, it to replacement of car floor mat to the premium quality thick all-weather floor mats, as these types of mats are very easy to wash and they are ultra-protective from all kinds of weather conditions such as:- they can protect your original carpet in winter, summer, snow or rainy season.

These are made of high quality premium quality TPE, Rubber & Plastic material which makes it durable and flexibility as well, so that it won’t scratch your in-build carpet and easy to install as well.

The Conclusion

I hope from now you have that knowledge that you can easily remove the gum off the rubber floor mat easily without tear out the mat.

It is very simple method to follow but do it with given instructions and you’ll have your mat clean again.

As always if you have anything or you have other floor mat in which this method is not working then you can comment down and i will make sure to find out something that can work for your floor mat as well.

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