How To Remove Hyundai Kona Floor Mats (In 2 Easy Steps)

I have already explained the removal process for universal floor mats but in Hyundai Kona there are specially designed floor mats are installed that’s why the process of removing them a bit different then other type of mats.

There are basic difference with the structure and construction of the floor mats that’s why its very important to know the exact process to remove them safely without getting scratches and damages to them.

These Hyundai Kona floor mats comes with clips and anchors that keeps them on place so that car mats won’t come in between the brake and gas pedal during drive, hence it makes your drive distraction less.

Check these out if you don’t have floor mats or you want 100% fit floor mats for your Hyundai Kona.

How To Remove Hyundai Kona Floor Mats (Clips Or Anchors)

This is very straight forward guide to remove hyundai kona floor mats which works for me and i am sure that it will also work for you exactly the same.

  1. Find Clips or Anchors
  2. Remove the Anchors/Clips

1. Find Clips or Anchors

Remove Floor Mats of Hyundai KonaThis is not an difficult task to do as they are clearly visible if meaning it won’t take much time to identify them, basically they are located on the near to the seats or found at a distance of two inches from edges.

2. Remove the Anchors/Clips

Clips and Anchors for Floor MatsFirstly, you have to loose the floor mat clips and anchors by sliding your hand underneath and it will easily loose it and after doing this it will be more easy to remove them as they are already loosed up.

You can also remove them with your hand by slipping slowly and lifting the floor mats up.

If it won’t work then just remove them with your hand or by tools, you can do it whichever way you want to do it.

After removing anchors/clips successfully you can have one hand on floor mat and one under it, and slowly life it up to remove the floor mat without any kind of scratches or damages.

The Conclusion On How To Remove Hyundai Kona Floor Mats

The easy instructions and simplicity is also the factor of its successful removal rate, as this is working for many peoples that’s why i have shared this with you.

This is enough to remove the hyundai kona floor mats but if you have difficulty or anything that becomes barrier to remove them then you can know other methods of removing the mats or you can simply comment down to know the answer and solution of it.

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