How To Remove Slime From Car Carpet (In 5-Steps)

There is no need to be worry if you’re car carpet gotten sticky slime, yes they are very disgusting and sticky thing that mess up everything.

But by applying my method you’ll know how to remove slime from car carpet easily as it is verified method as i have removed them many times and it worked for me each time i have applied it.

So the thing is, method is easy but you need to be careful while applying this and follow the instructions carefully.

How To Remove Slime From Car Carpet (Easy Method)

The best thing is as soon as you notice the slime the remove them at the first place, but make sure the slime is wet or dry.

There are two ways to remove them as they are available in two states wet and dry, but you only need to follow One method for them.

1. Remove extra/excessive amount

Remove Extra Excessive Slime From Car CarpetRemoving the extra or excessive amount will be really helpful as it won’t take lots of cleaning liquids or other kind of materials.

You can use brush to get off excessive amount, you have to do it slowly or gradually as dried one can tear off the carpet along with it.

2. Make A Solution

To loose the dried or wet gum you need to apply mixture of 2 cup distilled white vinegar and 2 cup warm water and mix them together and make solution out of it.

As there are glue and borax are included in the most of the slimes that’s why you need vinegar to break them properly. Keep them 15-20 minutes so that the car carpet sock it totally for easy removal.

3. Rub with Brush

Scrub Brush To Remove Slime On Car CarpetTo remove them completely rub the brush until the slime get off, but please make sure that you won’t do it without solution because without solution it will tear off the original car carpet and it will cost you more than the cleaning.

4. Clean It With Towel

After rubbing it you need to properly clean them or dry them as so that you can see the proper final result and if you’re not happy with it, then you can follow the steps again but this time make sure that it will be with soft nature.

Note:- If you notice that the slime has changed the color of the particular area then you can use spot treatment solutions such as:- OxyClean to bring back the original car floor mat color again.

5. Vacuum It For Final Look

Clean Slime On Car Carpet By VacuumBy vacuuming the car carpet you will have the new/fresh looking mat that’s why you need to vacuum it to get off the other elements and sock the solution and dry it properly. That’s enough to bring back the color and good looking car carpet again.

The Conclusion On How To Remove Slime From Car Carpet

So this is the simple 5-step method that will make sure to remove the slime from car carpet as it is the method that i use whenever my carpet got slime, and i am sure that i will help you as well.

Just follow the steps carefully and you will get dry and clean car carpet again. So that’s it about how to remove slime from car carpet and you can comment down below; if you have any questions and want to know something extra as i have one more method that will remove the dried slime easily.

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