How To Shampoo Car Carpet At Home

The cleaning process is the most time consuming thing as the carpet of the vehicle is in-build and that is very difficult to remove that’s why we have to clean them while installed.

There are lots of different types of methods are available to clean the car carpet and these are all effective but they need lots of things to clean them that looks like new one.

That’s why in this article i have come up with the better and simple solution that you can clean the carpet at home and you’ll know about How to shampoo car carpet at home.

As shampoo is the most common thing which is available on all houses and it won’t take lots of time as it is time saving method as well.

How To Shampoo Car Carpet At Home (Step-by-Step)

  1. Remove the dust or spillage
  2. Rinse with Water
  3. Apply Shampoo
  4. Use Bristle Brush
  5. Soak All Extra Water
  6. Let it Dry Completely

1. Remove the Dust or Spillage

Remove Dust or SpillagesThis is the very first thing to follow that you have to soak or wipe off extra dust or liquid spills, and you can do it with the vacuum cleaner or simply with hand or cloth.

This is important as it will be easy to shampoo the car carpet after removing the extra or excessive amount of dust, mud, snow and other spillages.

2. Rinse with Water

Rinse With WaterYou need to rinse the original car carpet with water and gently rub it with hand or brush as it will helps in terms of cleaning the carpet and provides the shampoo & much needed water ingredient that will be easy to react with.

3. Apply Shampoo

You need 5-7 normal size of shampoo pouches so that it can easily make your car carpet neat and clean as it will take lots of clean water as well, so you can use the pressure water or tub of water.

4. Use Bristle Brush

Use Bristle BrushThis is the most important thing to keep in mind that there are lots of varieties of car carpets are available with different types of qualities that’s why you need to be aware while rubbing it with brushes as it can tear off old or thin carpet.

So please use soft bristle brush instead of hard and rub it with some intention of cleaning.

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5. Soak All Extra Water

Now, you need to soak the excessive water after removing the dust or messes completely, you need to sock it with cloth and vacuum because the car carpet have ability to sock the water so you have to use high pressure vacuum to totally soak the water.

6. Let it Dry Completely

This is the final step and you need to completely take care of this because if you don’t let it dry completely then you may have experience some bad odor or pungent smells because of the moisture left on the car carpet.

So, dry it completely by open all door and let it parked for 1-2 days so that it won’t have moisture left in the car carpet.

Finally, now you’ll have totally new looking carpet with just shampoo and bristle brush at home and you don’t have to pay extra money to the cleaners.

Final Words On The How To Shampoo Car Carpet At Home

So that’s it from this article and i have cleaned by car carpet with this method several times and i have achieved some great results with it and i hope you will also get the same.

If you apply this method of How To Shampoo Car Carpet At Home then you don’t have to waste your money on this simple thing.

Now, if you still have any questions related to how to shampoo car carpet at home then you can comment down below and i will make sure to answer it as soon as possible and will come up with practical solutions.

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