11 Signs When You Need to Replace Your Floor Mats (With Reasons)

Replacing a floor mats can reduce the lots of time and money as well, because there are many things that directly or indirectly depends upon the floor mats like: – it keeps proper maintenance of floor carpet, keep the things and other accessories safe, prevent from damages etc.

As the enough time passed the floor mats starts to take lots of time to clean, but if you replace it at the right time then you will save lots of time of washing or keeping it clean.

Here’s you’ll know exactly that: When should you have to replace car mats and what are their benefits of doing that.

After using one floor mat for 1.5 years i can clearly say that what are the problems that i have to face and then i will tell you that what i have got by just replacing them.

Usually new floor mats can easily solve at-least 10 types of problems, by replacing floor mats can save you the money and at-least you don’t have to face these things.

11 Signs To Replace Floor Mats

  • When the Mat Slips Around
  • When They’re No Longer Comfortable
  • After Long Period of Time
  • Noticeable Fading
  • Finally found out Specifically Designed Mats
  • Rugged Edges
  • Difficultly Cleaning
  • Dirt Forms Under Them
  • When You’re Selling Your Car
  • They Smells Badly
  • They Have Stains That You Can’t Remove

When the Mat Slips Around

Non-slippery nibs on bottom of the mats

Almost every type of mats have nibs or Velcro stripes that keeps the floor mats in a place and doesn’t let them to slip around.

But if you have found that after a long time of service the mats have loosed their nibs or mats slips around, then this is the time to change it because it can be really bad or dangerous during drive.

Your foot should always stay in a place without any kind of slipperiness during drive, and that’s the reason you have to change them immediately.

When They’re No Longer Comfortable

Floor mats actually makes your vehicle or drive comfortable because of the foam layer or soft squeezy rubber mats you feel comfortable, but if they’re worn out then this can be really bad or it can be very irritating that you have to adjust your foot again and again during drive to find comfortableness. So better to replace them with new one.

And this is inexpensive way to your drive to a comfortable one and you can know How Much Do Car Mats Cost so that you can choose according to your budget.

After Long Period of Time

High Quality Rubber Floor Mats

Just lookout the mats time to time and check if they’re safe or unbroken, so that you can have better sense of timing.

But at-least lookout after 12 months because at this time interval most of the floor mats tend to have cracks or they loose their comfortability and becomes very fade so, if you find any defect on them check them straightaway.

Noticeable Fading

If you’re printed or colored mats are fading then this is the clear sign that they have worn out. They maybe not becomes useless because of the fading thing, but it can also affect the beauty of the interior of vehicle.

Finally found out Specifically Designed Mats

If you have finally found out specifically designed mats for your vehicle or the fully compatible one then just check them out.

Because, just by installing them on your vehicle it will drastically change the interior look and also they tend to have non-slippery and very highly customized with the same interior structure of your vehicle.

Or you can search for specifically designed floor mats for your vehicle, because these types of floor mats/liners are fully compatible and have the all features.

And here’s i have listed for few of the vehicle: – Kia Cadenza Floor Mats, Kia Stinger Floor Mats, Car Mats for Kia Telluride, Best Floor Mats For Fiat Ducato & Non-Slippery Fiat 500X Floor Mats. so that you don’t have to waste your time by researching them in a budget.

Rugged Edges

Floor mats tend to have high or deep lining edges that prevents your floor from liquid spillage, mud, dust and debris. But if you’re mats edges are rugged then this can be very bad thing to have because of this your carpet can be smelly or wet, so its better to change them with new one.

Difficultly Cleaning

When to replace floor mats, difficult to clean matsThe floor mats is the thing that saves your time of cleaning wet or smelly carpets but if you’re floor mat itself taking more time than the it is clearly against the concept of the floor mats.

When you clean them again and again then after a particular time cleaning it becomes harder because as time passes dirt accumulation becomes more and more difficult to remove.

Dirt Forms Under Them

The basic purpose of the floor mats is to trap dirt on the surface of the mats and protect the floor underneath of it. But when it starts to becomes messy even after regular cleaning then it is the sign that; it is no longer efficiently trapping dirt and thus it doesn’t as protective as it suppose to be.

When You’re Selling Your Car

The new floor mats can easily refresh the look of the interior of your car and they are not as expensive as the other additional things, so consider getting new floor mats that can positively increase the value of your car.

They tend to hide the carpet underneath it so if you’re carpet is bit messy or have any faults in that, so that you can easily hide them. And you can get the totally new interior look by just floor mats that can easily make an positive impact on the potential buyer.

When They Smells Badly

Some of the cushioned floor mats smells badly after a period of time and no one wants their vehicle to smell badly. Usually soft cushioned floor mats tend to smell bad because they can absorb the spilled things or liquids on them that can’t get out even after washing them. So the last thing is to replace them to avoid the pungent smell.

They Have Stains That You Can’t Remove

When should i replace my car matsThere are many types of stains that you can’t remove them easily like: – oil paint, sticky thing, ultra-strong gum, soda, dirt, road salt, children’s food or anything like that, and because of these stains the beauty of the interior ruins or looks ugly, and they are not expensive at all and all of us want to see the clean surface every time we get inside the vehicle.

After all it’s all depends upon you, if you want your floor mats to looks clean then changing is not an bad thing but you can simply keep as it is or just clean them with pressure washing or in the washing machine properly to fade or remove the stains.

The Final Words

Changing the floor mats is inexpensive way to give your vehicle interior a new look.

And if you found these things on your floor mats then installing the new mats can be a really time saving thing to have.

Also, there here’s i have answered many types of questions regarding to the car floor mats that could be really helpful for choosing the perfect mats, or keeping them clean as new.

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