How To Straighten A Rolled Up Rug – 2 Simple Steps

Mostly area rugs are comes to us in rolled up state, yes it is truth that over the period of time most rugs automatically flatten out on their own.

But if you want to straighten rug in very less time even in minutes, then this article will definitely solve your problem of doing these things fast; and for doing this, just you have to follow these 2 simple steps that can easily straighten a rolled up rug.

It is very useful and effective method of straightening the rug that i have been using for a while, and that method always help me out and it actually saves lots of time.

Roll it Reverse

Rever Roll the RugReverse rolling the curled is the basic yet very effective thing for straightening it, most of the time by doing this thing will do the job for you.

Just roll it outward if the rug was rolled inward or vice-versa, basically you are forcing the curled and wrinkled fibers to lay in the new direction and that stretches the fibers also, and the final result you’ll get the flatten out rug.

This is very effective method, as it is very simple and you can do it withing the matter of minutes and your rug will be ready for use and placement again.

You can apply this method to every type of rug, but there are some of the rugs are available that may need to be rolled and tied up in the opposite direction for several times or even for few hours to flatten them out.

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Give them Heat or Water for Relaxation of fiber

That’s the very basic thing that if you relax the fiber of the rugs then you will definitely have a rug in straightened way. And this can be done easily by just using these simple methods:-

Put them on Sunlight

Put them on SunlightSimply follow the first step, and on the sunny day spread out your rug directly or partially on the sunlight, leave the rug on the sunlight for couple of hours or according to your observation and you can put heavy blocks or things on the their 4 corners to make them non-movable even for the slightest movement.

Just by prohibiting their movement you’ll notice that if the rug normally takes 1 hour then it will straightened in half of the time.


Ironing the RugsUsing a iron can be the fast option to stem up your rug, rather than putting them on the sunlight. This is like next step if your rug doesn’t flatten out on the sunlight, then ironing can straighten the curled or folded part of the rug.

For doing this: – just flatten a rolled rug with a hot iron, just make sure you iron it properly and at the same level of heat on the whole rug.

The only thing to keep in mind that: it can be risky or it can damage, burn and can melt your rug if you doesn’t keep the iron on a low heat setting.

Or you can do is use a craft paper between the rug and hot iron. That is the very usual thing to use while ironing or you can sprinkle water for some heat management.

The Conclusion

At last, it is very simple thing to Straighten A Rolled Up Rug but you have to do it with some care because if you done it with roughness then it can rip up.

These 2 methods are very effective and working methods for almost all kinds of rugs, and i hope you have now found out the very simple way to straighten it.

And if you have any question in mind or you want to know more methods of “How To Straighten A Rolled Up Rug” then you can comment down below and i will share them with you in next article update.

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How long does it take a rolled rug to flatten?

Generally it depends upon the what is the type of rug material is, usually most of the rug flatten out in 1-5 hours timing, after applying it 1st or 2nd above listed method.

Will a rug flatten on its own?

Yes & No, because if your rug is made of rubber then it will flatten on its own, but the fiber and other rugs will not flatten on automatically you have to roll them reverse or put them on sunlight for sun-dry.

Can I steam a rug to flatten it?

Yes, if you steam a rug then in rug will flatten out in very less or half of the time.

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