Tuxmat Vs Weathertech Floor Mats: Pros, Cons & Comparison Table

There are many moments when you have to deal with the stubborn or totally messy stains, the reason can be anything you have done it by mistake or your kids.

But the thing is washing original carpet is way more time consuming then you think of it, as you need to wash them with detergent and water and the most difficult part is to dry them completely for nice smell.

The easiest thing you can do to avoid that time consuming thing is get a “Floor Mat” and that’s it, after then you won’t have to worry about time consuming maintenance and cleaning work, as you can clean the floor mats withing the couple of minutes.

The good thing is finally you have decided to have a floor mat for your vehicle, but you have problem with choosing between the Tuxmat and WeatherTech, and you want to make sure to go with the best.

If it is so, then you’ve come up on the right article, as here’s you will know about their basic differences with comparison tables, that will help you to choose that suits you the most.

These both of the mats are comes with very high protection power, which can easily protect from all kinds of elements, but let’s dive into the pros and cons of them.

Difference Between TuxMat Vs WeatherTech Floor Mats

To know the difference we will go with the proper point-to-point, as material wise, durability, flexibility and so on, so that you can easily know which will be the ideal one for your vehicle.

  1. Material Wise
  2. Easy to Wash
  3. Design
  4. Features
  5. Fitment
  6. Cost Efficient

1. Material Wise

TuxMat:- It is made from high quality Rubber and Plastic material that provides them durability and flexibility at the same time, which makes them easy on installation process, as well as they won’t tear-off easily.

WeatherTech:- This is made from premium quality heavy duty materials such as:- Rubber, TPE & Plastic materials and the combination of all of them are the result of its high build quality, as these materials not only gave it sturdiness but also the rubberized material bring flexibility to it, that makes them high quality mats.

The material wise both shares same elements as these that’s why they both wins there.

2. Easy to Wash

Easy to Clean TuxMat Vs WeatherTechTuxmat and WeatherTech both have same type of surface, which is covered with protective film that makes them shiny as well as prevent from getting solid type of stains, as well as they both can easily be removed without any kind of tools, that helps in terms of washing as you can clean them with water and detergent to remove stains.

3. Design

Design of TuxMat Vs WeatherTechTuxMat:- As it is designed with the spiky textures and comes with heavy duty deep lining structures on all of the surface area, which has 0.5 inches height which catches the dust, mud and liquids and the curly thick edges prohibits them to spill out during the drive. The textures and construction of the TuxMat has spiky things that makes it cool looking rough and tough mat.

WeatherTech:- It provide their floor mat the classical and simple view without any kind of spiky things, and the surface of the weathertech is also has deep lining textures that grabs the messes and the curly edges prevent them to overflow.

If you want your floor mat to be most customized looks then go with the TuxMat, meanwhile WeatherTech focus on the simple looks but they both are protective. The soft cushioned surface of the TuxMat provides it extra edge from the WeatherTech.

4. Features

TuxMat and WeatherTech both of them have very identical features, as they comes with rubberized nibs to prevent slidings, Velcro stripes to fix them on place. But the WeatherTech recently have added the Twist and Button lock technology that keeps them on place and never let them wonder here and there.

Here’s the winner is WeatherTech with extra twist and button lock technology to make them absolute still during drive.

5. Fitment

TuxMat:- It designed their floor mat with exact type of measurements and floor design, which is why the fitment is 100% for this. Even you don’t have to cut or trim them to fit as they as designed for one type of model.

WeatherTech:- It also gives their floor mat a customized structure but they don’t specifically designs for one kind of vehicle design. It comes with some kind of universal type of fitment as you can trim them, so that you can adjust them accordingly.

So, the winner is TuxMat for their specific type of design, but if you want trimmable or adjustable floor mat then you should consider buying WeatherTech.

6. Cost Efficient

WeatherTech comes with varieties of price ranges as compare to the TuxMat, as these are weathertech has trimmable nature that’s why they don’t have to make different-different types of mats for every other vehicle model that’s why it is cost efficient then the TuxMat.

Comparison Table Between TuxMat Vs WeatherTech

Points WeatherTech TuxMat
Material Made of Rubber, Plastic and TPE materials. Made of Rubber and Plastic materials.
Easy to Wash Yes, you can wash it easily. Yes, it is also easy to clean.
Design It is universal type of mats with trimmable nature. It is specifically designed mats.
Features Comes with rubberized nibs, twist and button type features that fix them on place safely. It has rubberized nibs and velcro stripes that keeps them in place.
Fitment Trim to Fit. 100% Fitment without trimming.
Cost Cost efficient. High costings.

Conclusion On The Tuxmat Vs Weathertech Floor Mats

If you have read above listed points carefully, then you have already knew that what is the ideal one for your vehicle type. As these both are comes with durability and lots of features that’s why both have some advantages.

If you want my opinion about TuxMat Vs WeatherTech then i would really recommend you the WeatherTech as it has more positive review on user’s end then TuxMat.

That’s about it and if you have question related to this you can ask them on comment section and i will make sure to answer them as soon as possible, or will definitely guide you there.

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