How To Clean Fabric Car Mats (In 3 Simple Steps)

The build quality of floor mats is all depends upon the used materials and there are lots of different-different types of floor mats available with varieties of materials so that you can choose them according to your needs.

The fabric mat is one of them these are not so popular as they are not as protective as rubber or TPE material car mats, that’s why there is no proper guidance for how to clean fabric car mats.

Fabric mats are soft and main reason to provide the comfortableness to your foot, yes these mats are also protective that’s why they are called floor mats.

Also, these types of fabric mats are comes with beautiful designs as they are very demanded in women or girls and they likes such kind of designed floor mats a lot.

I have one fabric mat as well that’s why i can tell you how to clean fabric car mats properly without any kind of damage.

How To Wash Fabric Car Mats

I have two fabric car mats and the cleaning process is not so hard as it is actually seem, you can wash them easily if you follow these steps or simple method properly.

Tools Required

  1. Carpet cleaner
  2. Vacuum
  3. Soft-bristle brush

These are the 3 things you will required to wash the fabric car mats as these will save your lots of time than any other method.

Firstly Remove Fabric Car Mats

Remove Fabric Floor Matswashing or cleaning the fabric mats while installed is very difficult or even you can’t do it as it will wet your original carpet or it will be really messy so the best thing is to remove the mats before washing.

Just place one hand under it and detach velcro stripes with other hand and gradually remove them off.

Put them on the slat surface so that it will be easy to use vacuum for dust removal.

Vacuum It

Vacuum Fabric Car MatsBefore washing them with water this is very important step and give it time as this is not quick thing to do, the proper removal of dust or mud is important.

So vacuuming the fabric floor mat will remove all hard particles, dust and mud as well, the bottom part is also important so clean the bottom side as well.

The Main Thing: Scrubbing

Scrub the Fabric Car MatsUse floor mat cleaner on the fabric mat, give it some water and use the soft-bristle brush for cleaning them.

Just rub the brush until all the dirt or mud goes away from fabric mats, yes you can do it with soap or detergent but these can harm the mat that’s why do it with liquid spray.

The thing is there are some type of tough stains can be there after a cleaning, so you can repeat the process after some time for removal of tough stains as well (2-3 times is the maximum don’t go for it more than that as it can damage or tear off your fabric floor mat).

Let them completely dry; you can dry them on the sunlight. At last, you can use vacuum for proper and complete new look of fabric car mats.

The Final Words On How To Clean Fabric Car Mats

If you follow these instructions correctly then there will be no more discussion about how to wash fabric car mats.

Yes, you can wash them without all them items or materials but that will be time taking process and if you want to know how to do it without these items, you can comment down below to know me and i will make sure to come with the proper instruction with short span of time.

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