WeatherTech Vs Smartliner : Compare To Find Best Mat

These both are the ruling the industry as they are the most commonly sold floor mats that’s why lots of people have questions in mind that what will be best for them and which will provide them great value.

To find these i have some parameters by which you will clearly know that which will be the best floor mat between WeatherTech Vs Smartliner.

These are both comes with lots of features that why people loves them more than any other type of mats, and the another reason for their popularity is they are usually custom build floor mats that provides the vehicle perfect fitment.

The spillage problem is totally resolved by both of them so that you don’t have to worry about dust, mud even the liquid spillages, as they have deep linings that grabs the debris and the curly edges never spill them off.

Comparing Weathertech Vs Smartliner Floor Mats On Different Parameters

  • Build Quality
  • Pricings
  • Feature Wise
  • Spillage Protection
  • Fitment

1. Build Quality

Build Quality of WeatherTech Vs SmartlinerThese are both are made with same type of material which is:- Rubber, TPE & Plastic that’s why you can say that both are durable and flexible at the same time.

As well as, both are anti-wear and anti-tear floor mats so that if you tilt them even a little bit then they won’t get cracks or damages.

2. Pricings

This is the discussion point between them as they are almost same with everything such as:- in quality, features but the pricing is the major difference you can notice clearly.

The Smartliner is the cheaper then the WeatherTech and the gap between both of them is almost double that’s why most of the car owners prefer Smartliner over WeatherTech now a days.

3. Feature Wise

In terms of features, they both are comes with lots of features like:- rubberized nibs on the bottom side, floor anchors to keep them on place, deep lining textured surface that keeps the debris and dust onto and the curly edges that are famous for their spillage protection. So both are the same in terms of features there is not even a little bit difference.

4. Spillage Protection

As i have told you earlier that they both are comes with deep linings that can easily carry the liquid or other spills so that you don’t have to worry even a little bit and their curly and tilt edges never let them go anywhere to ruin your original carpet underneath, meaning it is totally safe to have both of them.

5. Fitment

Fitment Of WeatherTech Vs SmartlinerThe Smartliner & WeatherTech both of them are truly made in basis of custom designs according to the particular type of vehicle model that’s why you will always get the perfect fitment from them there will be no issue of fitment anymore.

They are literally takes measurements of floor area, floor structure and designs so that they come up with the 100% fit floor mats that makes them easy to install as well as wash.

The Final Words About WeatherTech Vs Smartliner

If you’re reading till now which means you already know which is better between the WeatherTech Vs Smartliner. In my opinion the Smartliner is better than the WeatherTech as they are comes with less pricings and literally same features that makes Smartliner best value for money floor mats.

Which will save your money and will give you the same thing that WeatherTech offers so that sensibility is to get one of those with low in pricings. So that’s it from this article and there are still questions are available for me then you can ask them for better and properly researched solutions.

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