What Is an Anti Static Mats? | How To Use It?

For electricians or people working in electrical environments, static electricity is one of the biggest safety hazards.

For safety purpose anti-static mats are used in many likely places, because a little spark from an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause serious harm to a person, which makes them life saver mats.

Not using them can cause huge amount of money as immediate damage to highly sensitive equipment. Because of the life saving and money saving capability the importance of it from ESD safety is at high-priority.

It is a kind of safeguards for equipment like a PC, keyboards, mice, motherboards, CPUs, memory cards etc. from Electrostatic Discharge to prevents damages that are sensitive to static electricity.

What is the use and purpose of anti static mat?

how to use anti static matsThe use of anti-static mat is very simple to prevent any kind of damage or it prohibits the static current pass through the place component and through your body.

Which basically makes the repairing working easy to do without any kind of fatal injury. For very sensitive equipment you should have to use these anti-static mat as they seems to be very useful, but keep one thing in mind that:

Once an anti-static mat is placed/grounded then its important not to life the equipment directly off the mat, because then it can catch the static electricity as it is susceptible to Electrostatic Discharge.

Mostly, anti static mats are made of 3 different layers that prevent you from any kind of ESD. Outer layer is made of dissipative vinyl which discharges static electricity and prevents from ESD flowing.

The middle layer is made of a material which transfers the discharged electricity into the ground to minimize the ESD and hence making them anti static mats.

The very bottom layer is normal non-slippery layer which is made of rubber or TPE plastic material which protects the user and component from any kind of damages.

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As well as, as its last layer is made of rubber or TPE plastic material this gives it necessary hardness and flexibility both at the same time that makes it hard to crack, hence it becomes very durable mat which can be last for long term.

At last, some anti-static mats also comes with anti-fatigue features for enhancing the comfort so that you can easily do your work for extended periods of time, and these are very highly relaxing.

HPFix Anti-Static Mat ESD Safe for Electronic Includes ESD Wristband

HPFix Anti Static MatsIn the right side you can see the type of the anti static mats is.  This is made by HPFix with 37 slots and built-in scale ruler that keeps your small disassembled components in place, so that you don’t have to worry about their miss-placing anymore and that makes them easy to get them back.

Such as small screws or capacitors lost during repairing work and it also maintains the platform clean. The HPFix features soft silicone mat which protects the electronics or circuit board from any kind of damage even they protect from getting a little scratch.

Besides, the design of the mat is very user-friendly, which provides safer and better work surface to sensitive electronics, so that you can easily assemble, repair or soldering. As well as, the resistivity value of the mat is ideal for every kinds of electronic goods which is 10^6 – 10^8 ohms, which consider it the best for protection.Keeps Platform Clean and Tidy

Not only this, the quality that makes it ideal solution as anti-static mats is; it is high temperature resistance of 932°F which means you can do your soldering work quite effectively without any kind of deformation.

Additionally, the have features accessories kits, including grounding plug, grounding cord, and ESD wristband, which means they provided everything which was needed for all kinds of protection.

So you don’t have to buy these things for any additional cost, and with these accessories it will be very convenient for you to connecting the anti-static mat to the ground that provides very high level of protectiveness.

The Conclusion

So, these are all about Anti Static Mats, these are the very protective mats which can save your from any fatal damage. And it is definitely save you a lots of money this is for sure. As above listed HPFix has soft cushioned layer which protects your components and devices from any kind of scratches and damages.

I hope you have now understand What Is an Anti Static Mats? and How you can use them, and if you still have any queries and questions then you can easily know them by asking on the comment section below.

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